My 3 year old is brave.  He had 3 cavities fixed today, and he did so great!  We went to a pediatric dentist (thanks Amy D. for the referral).  They didn’t have to numb him or knock him out.  They used a laser!  It was really interesting to watch.  Tyson relaxed and watched Finding Nemo on the ceiling while listening to it in earphones.  It was all a breeze for Tys.  I think maybe I should go there next time I need a cavity fixed! 

One year old

I was so excited to take these one year old pictures today.  Her mom has become my good friend this year.  Miss M did great!  Don’t you just love her curls?  We will get some outdoor pictures when we have better weather in a week or so.


Welcome to our new blog!  A fun new look to show off some great pictures!  Let me know what you think.

I finally took the kids out to take some new pictures and look what we got!  I was so happy with them.  Now we get to update the pictures on the wall (both at our house and the grandma’s houses.)  With Kyler’s two loose teeth, we couldn’t wait until Easter to take pictures.  I really wanted to get these done before those teeth came out.  Glad we did.  Love them.  (Both the pictures and the kids!)