Our New Cousin

Our new cousin was born on Monday.  I was lucky enough to capture the moment.

Kami, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your special day.  I hope so much that these pictures will help you always remember this special day.  I’m so excited for you to be a mom.  You will do great! 


Family Reunions are great.  In my family we have always had them every summer.  This year is no exception.  I enjoyed sitting back relaxing and visiting so much that I didn’t take very many pictures!  I guess that is both good and bad.  My favorite part of reunions is having a family meeting on Sunday.  We get to hear family members share experiences that we may or may not have known about, learn from one another, and sing together.  My dad was in charge of the choir, which turned out amazing.  It really helped get me in the mood to lead my stake choir soon.  The only thing I missed this reunion was hearing my dad sing with his brothers a song we used to hear every year called “I wish I were a little rock.”  I was going to request it, but forgot.  I guess there is always next time.

This is my dad with all of his siblings.  I loved this out-take when everyone was laughing.  It really shows how much fun they have together. (3 live in Utah and 3 live in Arizona.  It’s a treat to have them all together.)Siblings with spouses. 

High Tech Learning

I always start the summer ready to go, making big plans on keeping my kids busy and learning.  Now, a few weeks into summer, I realize I haven’t been doing as good as I wanted to do.  So today, I decided to use my new toy (my ipad) to help me teach the kids.  We all love playing games on it, but now I’ve found the perfect game that is great for learning math.  We all enjoyed it!  It’s called Math Bingo.  It gives you a problem (you decide if you want addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division AND how hard or easy you want it.)  When you pick the right answer you get a bug on your bingo board.  Now the kids are begging to practice their math!  I’ve bought them workbooks and printed off pages, but the 99 cents I spent today will last me forever.  

Even Tyson got in on the fun.  Someone does the math for him and tells him the number to touch.  This way, he is getting better at recognizing his numbers.

Our next high tech learning adventure is reading a book together (to get ready to see the movie coming out in July.)  The kids love turning the digital pages, which keeps them reading.

Really. Awesome.  (Thanks to Brian for getting me us a fun toy!)

W Family

I recently gave away 2 photography sessions through BeckyHiggins.com. What a fun experience to be a part of.  It has been really fun for me to do a little service.  My first session was with this Mother and Son duo.  They were so fun.  I forget how fast two year-olds are!  Between all the running around, I think we caught some good ones.

Family Time

Last week for Memorial Day we wen down to visit my grandpa.  We love visiting him, watching him participate in the Memorial Day program, feeding the lambs, and riding the tractor.  It’s always a fun time.  I love that my kids will have some of the same memories I have of going to Grandpa A’s house.  One of my favorite parts about this visit is that we got to help raise all the flags in the cemetery.   It was fun to watch the kids help.Grandpa helping with the program. *Photos by of Cali
All 12 grandkids! Wow, our family is getting big.

Grandpa helping with the program.  *Photos by of Cali


I took two of my cute nieces out to take birthday pictures while they were here visiting.  It’s crazy how fast they grow up.  This is my sister Emily’s oldest and youngest.  Of course, both of their hair accessories are from our Girly Accents shop!  So cute!

Happy Birthday, Holly!

It’s Holly’s birthday, and no, Holly is not writing this post.  Her husband is. =)

I’m really happy to have Holly in my life. I love the supportive person she is and how much she has changed/grown over the few short years we’ve been married. She has a passion for photography and loves to capture the best in people.

Holly loves to use her sewing machine to craft a variety of masterpieces, especially quilts. In celebration, her birthday present this year is a new sewing machine. The machine we bought new nine (9) years ago is about to take retirement due to a failing motor. Let’s hope her new Bernina lasts her just as long (or longer!).  You deserve it, babe!

Also, Holly is a caring mom. She wants the best for her kids. She has done so well reading books to them and helping them with their homework. They are all excelling in reading and are little smarty pants students because she cares enough to spend the time to help them. She also helps them play the piano and is challenging them this summer to improve their skills.

So to all you ex-boyfriends of Holly — sorry bub, I got the girl! And you’re right — she’s amazing!