I love making memories with my kids.  One thing that I know they will always remember is the mattress swing at Grandma’s cabin.  We’ve played on it most every year.  Here are a few times I have caught it with my camera (don’t mind the old photos.)

It’s crazy how fast these kids change!

J Family {Sneak Peek}

I love making new friends.  These new friends found me through Becky Higgins blog a few months ago.  I selected them to receive a photo shoot from me.  They asked me while we were together why I choose them and I told them that their entry just stood out to me.  After getting to know them, watching their good kids, and hearing them be so appreciative, I know I picked the right people.  What a great family.  I love LOVE love this little alley we found, I will be going back to this spot again soon.  J family, it was great to finally meet you.  You have a wonderful family.

The Kode-Man

I’ve never been this slow in getting pictures posted before.  Emily, sorry for the delay.  I can’t believe how big our kids are getting!  Kody is one handsome guy.  We are going to have to work hard to keep the girls away!

Worwood Family

I had so much fun with the Worwood family a little while ago.   They really are such a fun family.  I only wish we could get together more often.  I’m pretty sure this will be their last family picture before they start adding in-laws!  I love all of their blonde-ness.  Can you tell they are related to me?I saw this idea a while ago and couldn’t wait to give it a try.  I think it turned out so fun!

Family Fun

This summer is going way too fast!  We have been able to enjoy some good family time.  Here are some things we’ve done together so far.

*Hiked up to see the Mt. Timpangos cave.

We have been wanting to do this the last summer or two, but this year we finally got it done.  The kids were really tired by the time we got to the top, but once in the cave they forgot about being tired.  When we were three turns away from making it to the bottom again, Tyson fell on the asphalt trail and got a huge goose egg on his forehead.  Luckily, we were done hiking and not just starting.  The kids said that all the hiking was worth it to go inside the cave.  It was a good workout too!  Most of us felt a little sore the next day.

*Dutch oven cooking in the backyard with family.

Brian loves too cook.  It was fun for him to make us a yummy dinner.  I wish we had more time to do this more often.  Cali, Bryan, and their girls are always great company!  We had a good laugh when we noticed Kyler trying to hard to eat his corn on the cob with no teeth!  Cali brought the fruit pizza for dessert, very yummy (as you can tell by the picture!)

*Played with glow sticks and fireworks.

We had to go find some fireworks in the sky this year so I could attempt to take some pictures.  I had my camera on my tripod and used a remote.  It was a little tricky, but I learned a lot and got a few good pictures too.  Tyson slept through all fireworks in the sky and the night before we did some in the street and he kept going back to ride his bike.  Guess he wasn’t to interested in the fireworks (minus the sparklers!)

What a fun time of year.  Busy, but fun.  I’m looking forward to several more fun things with my family before the summer is done.