Kyler brought home 2 books today.

He picked the A to Z book from the library and is comparable to the books he reads at home, on his own.

The other book was sent home by his teacher for the at home reading program.

Does anyone else see a problem with this?

I love Peaches

My favorite thing about where I live is my peach tree.  She was just a baby tree when we moved it, but she has done good over the years.  This year is no different. She gave us peaches a plenty.

Unfortunately, the birds like peaches too.  They have eaten (or bitten into) at least 2 dozen of them.  We finally all when out last night and picked the rest of them to save them from the birds.

I think this picture of peaches is probably 1/3 of the peaches we got this year.  We have enjoyed peach leather, bottled peaches, peach dessert and we still have peach jam from last year.  I will make a 2nd batch of leather and bottle more today.  Does anyone have any other recipes I should try with my peaches?


We had a surprise visitor a week and a half ago.  It was so fun to see my Grandpa.  He looked so good to me after losing his sweet wife just a month ago.  (Cali documented the funeral so beautifully HERE.)  He was so cute with all the kids.  I know that these pictures are priceless.

Okay, okay, I admit he really came to see my cousin’s baby be blessed.  (Pictures to come!)  But, we were still really glad to get to see him.


We don’t usually have our kids do two years of preschool, but with Tyson being the only kid home, we decided it would be good for him.  Wednesday was his first day to go to Preschool.  He was loving the attention of getting his picture taken (can you tell?)  He loves being able to do things that the big kids get to do.  I’m really excited for him to learn and grow this year.  He is such a fun kid!  (Well, most of the time!)


This last week while the kids have been back in school, Tyson and I have found ourselves looking for something to do.  Whenever it is his turn to decide, we seem to building train tracks.  Having done this several times this last week, it has reminded me so much of making trains a few years ago.  Not with Tyson, but with Kyler.  I even posted about it on my really old blog HERE.  I’m a little rusty with my train track building skills, but it’s coming right back to me.  I’m glad that we bought this train so many years ago.  Totally worth every penny.  (Even when it covers the floor of my entire family room!)

Tyson always has to have treats or snacks to fill up his train with.  It’s not fun to haul nothing.

Here’s one of Kyler several years ago.  Where does the time go?