Family pictures are so fun.  This family hasn’t had pictures taken for 9 years!  I’m so glad we got some great pictures to update their wall with.  

Can you tell this little blondie is related to my kids?


I think that we have started a new tradition.  If you do it twice, it’s tradition, right?  Well, this is our second year picking apples.  The kids love it.  We have sure enjoyed eating them the last few days.

Yesterday, I buckled down and got some apples in the dehydrator.  I sprinkle a little cinnamon sugar on them for fun.  They were just getting done when the kids came home from school.  I barely got a picture of them before they were nearly gone!  Now, I need to do more….another day.

10 years

I’ve decided that having older kids is really fun.  Kaylee really enjoyed the 3-day birthday celebration.  First was the family presents and fun, then grandma and cousins came, and finally we had a fun pajama party with friends from the new school and the old school.  We decorated pillowcases and played musical sleeping bags.  It’s fun to see Kaylee having so much fun.  Kaylee is very responsible and has already started to become my #1 babysitter.  It’s fun to see her growing up, even though I might miss having a “little” girl.


I cleaned off Kyler’s bed the other day to get the sheets washed.  I knew he had books up there, but I didn’t know how many books there were.  Everything from workbooks, story books, chapter books, encyclopedias, and even The Book of Mormon.  I think he puts in more reading time than I realize.


In September we attended 2 baby blessings.  We love both of these cuties.  One is a niece, and the other is close enough to claim as another niece.   We are so excited to have more cousins!