A week or two ago, there was a particular day that Tyson was more bored than usual.  He wanted someone to play with and mom just wasn’t good enough.  Luckily for me, Tyson looked outside and was so excited to see a friend to play with.  Taffy!  Taffy came to my rescue.  Taffy kept us entertained by running up and down the trees.  She even played some hide and seek with Tyson behind the bushes.  A once boring afternoon was now an afternoon to remember.  We are very thankful that our neighbors have good pets, so we don’t have to.  🙂  We just play with them (and feed them scraps under the fence) and send them home.  Norma, here is the evidence of what your cat does while you are at work!

October Catch Up

This is what happens when I get behind.  You get it all crammed into one post.  Here are the highlights for the end of October.

Tyson went on his very first field trip with his preschool.  It was fun to go with his small class.  It was much more enjoyable than when I went with Kaylee and Kyler’s larger classes.  He loved the whole thing, but especially picking out his own pumpkin.

All three kids enjoyed carving pumpkins this year.  They all got their hands dirty.  Dad is the master carver and took designs by each kid.  Don’t worry mom helped with cleaning out the guts too (although I had to keep washing my hands to take more pictures!)

The masterpieces.  They turned out so fun!  Although it was crazy to see the snow on them the next day.  Brrrrr.

And finally, the costumes.  The kids had fun at school, fun at dad’s work, and fun at the ward party.  We didn’t have a trunk or treat this year, so we took the kids door to door for the first time!    Luckily, the rain and cold kept us from having to stay out too long.  I almost had the kids convinced that we didn’t need to go out at all, that would have been my preference.  🙂  We did turn off the lights early and enjoyed pizza and a movie.  It was a busy but fun month.