Piano Recital

Kaylee and Kyler had a piano recital this month and they did so great!  I love how they are learning so much and progressing.  This year Kyler’s favorite song he played was “O Christmas Tree.”  Kaylee’s favorite song she played was “Angels We Have Heard On High.”  Luckily, they seem to both really enjoy playing the piano.  I hope it lasts.  🙂

Visiting with Santa

Every year we have a Christmas party with my side of the family.  Emily has always been nice enough to host it at her house.  We have tons of fun, eat good food, visit, exchange gifts, watch movies projected on the wall, Santa comes to visit, and of course, lots of games.  I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but here are the ones with Santa.  You can see that some enjoyed it more than others.  🙂

We have such a fun time together.  I look forward to next years party…..hopefully at my house.

(It works out pretty great that we have 12 adults and 12 grandkids in our family right now.  Makes my collages easy!)


I’m just a little slow in getting these posted.  🙂  Life stays busy at our house.  I couldn’t skip over Thanksgiving, it was a good one.  The best part was having my Grandpa A. with us at my mom’s house.  We don’t get him to ourselves very often, so we considered it a special treat.

My assignment this year was the rolls.  I made a ton!  They lasted through all the leftovers, which was my goal.  Yum.The kids always have fun together.  I loved catching all 3 babies in their chairs and the 2- almost 4 year olds sneaking a snitch.It’s hard to not take a wagon ride while we are all home.  This year was especially cold.  We didn’t last long, but it is sure fun.  An exciting note for us is that this is the first trip to Grandma’s house where we didn’t have to break out the benadryl for Kyler!  Maybe those allergies shots are starting to pay off.  (I know it is winter, but he suffers year round.)Grandpa was such a trooper putting up with 12 grandkids!  He is so cute with them.  My favorite was when he was dancing with Lacey (the blonde 3 year old.)

It was a great weekend with family and full of thanksgiving.