House Update

It’s going so fast!  This picture was actually taken on the 22nd, so it’s changed even more since then!  Here are a few details.

Yesterday (the 25th):

Plumbing and wiring were done

Door and windows were installed

Today (the 26th):


We are on schedule to have sheetrock delivered on Monday.  Crazy, but so fun and exciting.

Put it away?

I’m starting to wonder if I will get my Christmas puzzle done before I need to pack it up to move.  I’m sure I haven’t put in a single piece for at least 2 weeks now.  I just hate crumbling all my work without finishing it.   Between cleaning, packing, homework, and the rest of the usual things in the life of a mom, doing a puzzle is a little low on the list.  I wish I could save this progress and start where I left off next Christmas.  Maybe I’ll put it away very carefully, saving as much put together as I can.  Does anyone else have crazy problems like this?

One day

What a difference one day makes.  Yesterday we watched at the first walls went up.

Today I walked through the house as the workers were eating lunch in their truck.  I could see where each room was to be.  So fun!  At this rate, the trusses should go up tomorrow.  (I wish!)

We are not handy…

or so I thought.  I’ve always told myself and others that we (Brian included!) are not too handy (as in building things.)  Well, once again, we have proved ourselves wrong.  Here’s the proof.  I’ve been wanting to get a new bedroom set, but not wanting to pay for a new bedroom set.  So, I decided we could make one.  This was a big project for us that aren’t too handy.  Luckily, Brian was supportive and willing to help.  I found this tutorial online that was a huge help, I couldn’t have come up with something like this on my own.  Being beginners, this project took us a lot of time and a little more money than the people that made the tutorial.  We had no leftovers to use from other projects, except paint.  This project has given us a lot confidence in our skills.  We are now looking forward to making lockers and shelves in the new house, instead of dreading it.  I love, love, love how our headboard turned out.  Now I just need a new bedspread to go with it.  🙂

4 years

My baby is 4, although he would be quick to correct me by saying “I’m not a baby!”  Tyson is a load of fun.  He keeps getting funner and funner the older he gets.  Yesterday we had a fun day, but it started on Sunday when we made mini cupcakes to take to preschool.

We loved how cute the little cupcakes were, so we kept making more and more, instead of a big cake.  We all loved the bite sized cakes, no utensils needed.  We had Cali, Bryan, Addie and Claire over to enjoy the cake and ice cream with us too.  I love how 4 year olds are so easy to please.  Tyson loved all the fun gifts (several of which he picked out himself!) and all the attention.  Now he is trying to think of something to spend his birthday dollars on.

We’re Diggin’

We are the proud new owners of …… a large hole.  It has taken a while to get started, but now there is finally action.  We are so excited about our new house that will soon fill this large hole.  They say it will be 60 days until completed, so our fingers are crossed.  I’m really excited to document the process.  It’s located not far from our current house, but just far enough to get the change I was looking for.  Here we go…. Did I say we were excited?

Feeling Crafty

Over Christmas break Brian helped me make a super cute shelf.  We are not the handiest people, but it turned out so cute!  This project has given me all sorts of ideas on projects I can do!  So, in my desire for a new bedroom set, I decided to save myself a few dollars and attempt to paint the old one I already have.  Here is how it’s going so far.

Not bad, right?  I’ve painted both night stands and now I’m on to the dresser.  This dresser had stickers all over this end of it when we bought it used.  We’ve lived with it for this long, but it’s time to change it up.  Hopefully I can get it done quick so that I don’t have to live with all the clothes (that were dumped out of the dresser) on the floor forever.