Breaking it in

Dinner last night.  Chicken and tater tots.  It was a long busy day.  I guess it’s better than cereal.  The best part was breaking in the oven.  It’s our fun new toy.

The oven sings a little song when the oven is preheated and when the timer is up.  The kids all came wondering what was making that fun sound!

Now I just need to figure out what all of these buttons do.  Wish me luck.

Field Trip

I have gone on several different field trips with my kids over the years.  This year, I was lucky enough to get to go snowshoeing with Kaylee’s class.  It was really fun to do something that we have never done before!  We divided into groups, and each group had 2 guides.  The guides taught us about animals, trees, snow, water shed, and lots more.  Our guide was very experienced and knowledgable.

We were lucky enough to spot a moose (luckily it was very far away).  Look right in the center of this picture to see him.  Then, the squirrel in the middle of the next one.

The snow was so deep, we were walking over fences!  It was so beautiful everywhere.  This was my favorite field trip so far, but I am still looking forward to many more field trips ahead.