I am not a runner

Or so I thought.  I’ve always told myself I wasn’t a runner.  Today I proved myself wrong.  I have never had a big interest in running, but this year (in my efforts to be healthier) I challenged myself to pick up the pace.  I have committed my sisters to running a 5K with me this summer, but I felt like I wanted a pre-test to see how I’d do (and IF I could do it!)  Luckily, I had Cali in the neighborhood and talked her into doing it with me (even though she gave birth only 3 months ago!)  I thought May was supposed to be warmer, but it was nippy at 8:00 am.  You can see the sprinkles on my shirt here and that was just the beginning.  We didn’t know what was coming (which was probably good!)  The more we ran, the wetter we got.  We had rain, wind, and hail!  I used to see runners out in the cold and think that they were seriously crazy and today I was one of them.  Running or jogging the whole race was a goal of mine.  I’ve ran 3.1 miles straight before, but it was always on a treadmill, so I wasn’t sure about how I would do outside and in the rain.  It was probably the excitement of race day that kept me going the whole way.  We slowed for a few steps to get a drink at the half way point and that’s it.   The clock says 30 minutes, 38 seconds when we crossed, but the official time should be closer to 30 minutes, 30 seconds.  Not too bad for my first try.We were soaked clear through by the end of the race.  Luckily it didn’t feel too cold until we cooled down a little.  We were rewarded afterwards with oranges, bananas, water bottles, and fresh french toast that was very tasty.  See there are a few perks for running a race.  If the weather would have been better, I would have liked getting a massage.  Next time, right??  Yes, there will for sure be more of these short races in my future.  I still don’t have much desire for a marathon or even a half marathon, but I’ve been told not to say never.  They say this running thing is addictive.  We’ll see.

(Thanks for running with me Cali!)

6 thoughts on “I am not a runner”

  1. And here I thought the race was AFTER your speaking gig! (Now I get why you “just made it” there when I chatted with you this morning…man, I’m slow.)

    Congrats on the time and for running the entire way. You did awesome!

  2. You never cease to amaze me. Congrats on your first run. I’m sure you’ll have many more in your future!

  3. Cool! Becky and Rick have done a few marathons and Becky said it gets ‘addicting.’ I think its fun to do it with a really good friend or a sister:)! Good Job on the time too!

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