This summer has slipped away from me.  We didn’t do near the amount of things that I wanted to, but we did do some.  The most important thing being swimming lessons.  My kids have always been timid in the water and I knew swimming lessons would be a fight (flashback from 3 years ago when I tried it before.  Saying it was a disaster is putting it nicely.)  I buckled down this year and got them enrolled.  The first 2 days were not good.  I was so angry with my 7 and 9 year olds that couldn’t (or wouldn’t)  do what the 5 year olds were doing.  Day 3, something started to click.  They started to catch on.  They made drastic improvements.  After day 4, they were begging me to take them to the pool to practice (this never happens!)  Luckily, we were able to get into one more session 2 weeks later.  Their teachers were so impressed what they had practiced and couldn’t believe they were the same kids from 2 weeks ago.  We still have more to learn and practice, but this was the greatest accomplishment of our summer.  It was a big one.  Good job Kaylee and Kyler!

*Jan and Heidi were the perfect teachers for us.  They were great to work with my kids.  We were lucky to have had them for our teachers.  We hope to be able to have them again next year.

3 thoughts on “Accomplishment”

  1. That’s so fun your kids are taking swim lessons from Jan Lamb! Do you know Heidi her daughter as well? I know she usually teaches with her. I have taught dance with Heidi and have known their family forever. They are great!

  2. Sounds sooooooooooo familiar. Taylor didn’t pass his swim class last year at Legacy Cntr. He was at the same level as Ashlyn. When he wasn’t able to pass off some of his scout stuff this spring, I did the same thing as you. Buckled down, got them both in private swimming lessons which was only $5 more per kid than Legacy, AND there were only 2 KIDS in each class, so they got a TON of individual help. I was hoping to do one more session, but it wasn’t offered. Planning to put them back in next year in at least 2 sessions, and will start Adam as well. Swimming is a life skill. Sooooo important. Hope they’ll both really catch on next year. Glad I’m not the only parent with older kids that struggle with water.

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