J Family

This is a good friend of mine.  I have sure missed her since she moved across the valley.  Sometimes across the valley seems like across the country.  I was so excited for an excuse to see her family.  I couldn’t believe how big her twins are!  I drove the carpool to school while she was on bed rest before they were born.  It seems like just a few months ago.  (Although, I’m sure it feels differently for her!)  The twins were so cute, but pretty tricky too.  It got dark on us all too quickly (can you tell Fall is so close?)  I enjoyed getting caught up.  Thanks for calling Reta!

Here’s a link to your gallery:  HERE Enjoy!

One thought on “J Family”

  1. I haven’t seen them since they moved. So fun to see how big everyone is getting! Thanks for the update on our fun friends 🙂

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