This last week while the kids have been back in school, Tyson and I have found ourselves looking for something to do.  Whenever it is his turn to decide, we seem to building train tracks.  Having done this several times this last week, it has reminded me so much of making trains a few years ago.  Not with Tyson, but with Kyler.  I even posted about it on my really old blog HERE.  I’m a little rusty with my train track building skills, but it’s coming right back to me.  I’m glad that we bought this train so many years ago.  Totally worth every penny.  (Even when it covers the floor of my entire family room!)

Tyson always has to have treats or snacks to fill up his train with.  It’s not fun to haul nothing.

Here’s one of Kyler several years ago.  Where does the time go?

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