I love Peaches

My favorite thing about where I live is my peach tree.  She was just a baby tree when we moved it, but she has done good over the years.  This year is no different. She gave us peaches a plenty.

Unfortunately, the birds like peaches too.  They have eaten (or bitten into) at least 2 dozen of them.  We finally all when out last night and picked the rest of them to save them from the birds.

I think this picture of peaches is probably 1/3 of the peaches we got this year.  We have enjoyed peach leather, bottled peaches, peach dessert and we still have peach jam from last year.  I will make a 2nd batch of leather and bottle more today.  Does anyone have any other recipes I should try with my peaches?

2 thoughts on “I love Peaches”

  1. Puree them with fruit fresh, put in ice cube trays, freeze, put in zip lock baggies. Perfect for smoothies in the morning or shakes at night:)! I would love to have our own peach tree….that has to be one of our favorite fruits! Send some up:)! One more idea, one year I bottled peach syrup – it turned out really good, we ate it over french toast and pancakes!

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