Kyler brought home 2 books today.

He picked the A to Z book from the library and is comparable to the books he reads at home, on his own.

The other book was sent home by his teacher for the at home reading program.

Does anyone else see a problem with this?

5 thoughts on “Problem?”

  1. This is the exact reason that I have NEVER entered my kids in the school reading program. I completely, whole heartedly do not agree/support/believe in it. Giving children books purposely below their reading level — books that are “meant to be easy,” to help them build “reading confidence” is a crippling attitude that promotes a host of unhealthy attitudes and behaviors. Have you ever met a piano teacher that sends kids home with music that is “meant to be easy?” Seriously ridiculous. Give them a book that makes them work. Let them keep the book for 2 weeks. We have 4-5 bookshelves at home packed with different levels of reading. Both my kids are excellent readers. Sorry to vent. I just hate the program! LOL

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