A Steal

I finally found me a steal of a deal!  I’ve been looking for new barstools.  My used hand-me-downs have seen better days.  I didn’t want to pay full price for new barstools,  so I’ve been watching KSL for a deal.  I have called on a few sets before and even made Brian go get some, to find that he had sold them to someone else.  So, we have put in some time, but yesterday it paid off!  I found these barstools listed for $20!!  That’s $5 each.  A steal, for sure!  Luckily, I acted quick and they became mine.  I was so surprised how good of condition they are in.  They are barely used!  Now, these don’t look so great in my kitchen right now, but they will look fabulously in the new kitchen!  Now if only I can get my table and chairs to match these, I’ll be doing good.

5 thoughts on “A Steal”

  1. Love!!! Good job on the bargain hunting, my favorite thing to do, I think. I can’t believe how quickly your house is going up!

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