Valentines 2011

Our Valentine’s Day this year has lasted for 4 days!  It’s fun to have an excuse to play a little.  One of the fun things we did this year was have dinner with some friends.   We had an italian chef come and cook for us!  It was such a good idea.  Thanks to Amy D. for all the planning and hosting.  I hope we do this again next year!

This is the first year that Kaylee was assigned to bring her own valentine box.  We wanted it to be fun, so we found this idea online and loved it.  Kaylee was in craft heaven and we all pitched in to make her little house (even Dad!)  She was so excited to take it to school today.

Here’s an updated picture of our house.  The plastic is finally off, and we love it.  We are getting so antsy.

3 thoughts on “Valentines 2011”

  1. Loved the pictures from your VALENTINES DATE. What a creative fun thing to do. Loved Kaylee’s box house! I bet she had lots of compliments on it! Wow! Your house looks fabulous!!

  2. Great pictures Holly! We will definately have to do it again. Love the updated house picture. It looks beautiful. So excited for you and your family!!!

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