Holy Jeans

I have a boy who is hard on pants – mainly the knees of his pants.  I have pulled pair after pair of jeans from his drawers that have holes in them.  The other day I notice he was down to two pairs of jeans, and since I don’t do laundry every other day, he then wears dirty jeans.  So, I was such a good mom the other day and brought home not one new pair of jeans, but two!  I was so excited to not see the hole in the knee jeans or the dirty jeans every day!  So, the next morning this boy of mine wears his brand spankin’ new jeans to school.  When he comes home from school, what do I see on the knee of his pants???  A HOLE!  One day people.  It only took one day of school for him to put a hole in the knee of his brand spankin’ new jeans.  There must be something going on at school that I don’t know about, but Kyler can’t seem to have an idea how he got a hole in one day.  Luckily, the next day, wearing the second of the two new pairs of jeans came home without a hole.  He was lucky.  I might have lost it.  What is a mom to do?  How do I make his jeans last longer than one day?  Please advise.

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4 thoughts on “Holy Jeans”

  1. No way! I would have been SOOO mad. That’s crazy. You should buy jeans from Sears or ShopKo because they both have a policy that they will replace your jeans if they wear out before they grow out. I’m not sure you want to buy the same jeans, but atleast you wouldn’t be out the money. Just a thought!

  2. Cute blog you and your sisters have! So crafty!

    Jeans…My kids were the same way. Now I buy all Wrangler jeans at Big R (a ranch supply store) in town. I buy 2 pairs and they last all year. When it is warm they prefer shorts. If your son doesn’t like the western look, Wrangler offers regular jean types that don’t look so cowboyish. It has worked very well for us and our boys are not easy on clothes. They hold up better than other brands we have bought by far and are worth the extra $$! Goodluck!

  3. Oh we have the same problem. I just bought Graham 2 new pairs and ironed patches onto the knee inside in hopes of making them last a little longer. We also have to change into our holy jeans after school. Good luck, no more hand me downs with the jeans for Jonah and Tyson!

  4. I hear that Sears has a guarantee on their kid’s clothes and shoes. If you get a hole or anything else, just take them back and get a free pair!! I also think Shopko had the same policy. Hope that helps.

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