Kyler’s Month

Instead of Kyler having a birthDAY this year, it felt like he had a birth MONTH!  It has been over a month since his birthday, but we are just barely done celebrating.  He was lucky enough to have a date with mom and dad a few days before his actual birthday.  Then, we had a fun birthday dinner on his birthday with Grandma and Grandpa Cottle.  A few weeks later (due to our moving into our new house) we had a friends birthday party.  And finally yesterday, lots of family came to support Kyler at his baptism.

It was a special baptism day.  We had most of our families here to support us.  We missed the few that weren’t able to come.  We were even lucky enough to have some great-grandparents that were able to come see Kyler on his special day.  That was very lucky!  Even though it was rainy and snowy all day, it was still a perfect day.

I’m so proud of Kyler and in his choice to be baptized.  I am lucky to have such a good, smart, and handsome boy!

5 thoughts on “Kyler’s Month”

  1. Love the pictures. Cute post. Kyler is such a sweet boy! It was such a wonderful day. You and Brian did a great job hosting us! Missed Em and fam in the picture!

  2. We were so sad to miss that day! 🙁 You look great Holly. LOVE your shirt in these pictures! Kyler is such a cute boy!

  3. Holly,
    You have such a good looking famliy.

    I am living in the valley here in AZ and I met a Cottle family here but they siad you guys are distant cousins.

    Have fun,

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