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Kyler has been very busy.  It seems all I post about is him.  This time, it’s not as fun.  Last week he crashed on his scooter while going down the neighbor’s driveway.  He crashed hard!  I had to go pick him up, he couldn’t get up on his own.  It was very obvious that his left arm was broken.  Off to the doctor we went for x-rays instead for going to Logan as planned.  We came home with a splint and a sling for the left arm.

Because of the nature of the break, we were instructed to see an orthopedic surgeon.  We had to wait until the next Wednesday (and I had to beg for that!)  to have an appointment with the specialist.   While discussing Kyler’s left arm, I told him of my concern for the right arm as well.  He had not been using it, he was even turning on the light switches with his mouth!  All he did was look at it and knew that there was a fracture there too.  The x-rays confirmed another fracture.  2 casts here we come.

I wish I had taken a better picture of his broken left arm before they set it into place.  It was very crooked.  Setting the bone into place was very painful and hard for me to watch my boy hurt!  But, the doctors were great and very confident they got it into place.

We will get both casts off in 3 weeks and then replace the long cast with a short cast that will then have to be on for another few weeks.

As if Kyler hasn’t had enough.  He has been  throwing up all day today.  It’s been a rough week and a half.  Here’s hoping it gets better from here on out.  🙂

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  1. That’s awful! I’m glad you didn’t post a picture of the “crooked” arm. I hope he gets feeling better soon!

  2. Kyler was a trooper at our house this weekend and was a good sport when he was not able to do what the other kids were doing. Love you!

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