Breaking it in

Dinner last night.  Chicken and tater tots.  It was a long busy day.  I guess it’s better than cereal.  The best part was breaking in the oven.  It’s our fun new toy.

The oven sings a little song when the oven is preheated and when the timer is up.  The kids all came wondering what was making that fun sound!

Now I just need to figure out what all of these buttons do.  Wish me luck.

Field Trip

I have gone on several different field trips with my kids over the years.  This year, I was lucky enough to get to go snowshoeing with Kaylee’s class.  It was really fun to do something that we have never done before!  We divided into groups, and each group had 2 guides.  The guides taught us about animals, trees, snow, water shed, and lots more.  Our guide was very experienced and knowledgable.

We were lucky enough to spot a moose (luckily it was very far away).  Look right in the center of this picture to see him.  Then, the squirrel in the middle of the next one.

The snow was so deep, we were walking over fences!  It was so beautiful everywhere.  This was my favorite field trip so far, but I am still looking forward to many more field trips ahead.

Holy Jeans

I have a boy who is hard on pants – mainly the knees of his pants.  I have pulled pair after pair of jeans from his drawers that have holes in them.  The other day I notice he was down to two pairs of jeans, and since I don’t do laundry every other day, he then wears dirty jeans.  So, I was such a good mom the other day and brought home not one new pair of jeans, but two!  I was so excited to not see the hole in the knee jeans or the dirty jeans every day!  So, the next morning this boy of mine wears his brand spankin’ new jeans to school.  When he comes home from school, what do I see on the knee of his pants???  A HOLE!  One day people.  It only took one day of school for him to put a hole in the knee of his brand spankin’ new jeans.  There must be something going on at school that I don’t know about, but Kyler can’t seem to have an idea how he got a hole in one day.  Luckily, the next day, wearing the second of the two new pairs of jeans came home without a hole.  He was lucky.  I might have lost it.  What is a mom to do?  How do I make his jeans last longer than one day?  Please advise.

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It has been so fun to watch the progress of our house being built.  I’ve tried hard to document it, but it changes so fast!  Here are just a few pictures.

It’s even changed already since I took this last picture on Saturday.  I think most of the tile is done now.  Guess I need to go take another picture.  🙂

Valentines 2011

Our Valentine’s Day this year has lasted for 4 days!  It’s fun to have an excuse to play a little.  One of the fun things we did this year was have dinner with some friends.   We had an italian chef come and cook for us!  It was such a good idea.  Thanks to Amy D. for all the planning and hosting.  I hope we do this again next year!

This is the first year that Kaylee was assigned to bring her own valentine box.  We wanted it to be fun, so we found this idea online and loved it.  Kaylee was in craft heaven and we all pitched in to make her little house (even Dad!)  She was so excited to take it to school today.

Here’s an updated picture of our house.  The plastic is finally off, and we love it.  We are getting so antsy.


If you give Kyler tape and scissors, he can make anything.  I mean anything.  This was his creation the other day.  Some sort of car, I think.  There was seats inside and everything.  It’s fun to watch him create, but the mess he leaves behind makes me crazy.  I should have taken a picture of that!  Every time I put a box in the recycle bin, I know it won’t be long until Kyler pulls it back inside to make it into something else.  Ash, the blue tape you gave him for Christmas is almost gone!

A Steal

I finally found me a steal of a deal!  I’ve been looking for new barstools.  My used hand-me-downs have seen better days.  I didn’t want to pay full price for new barstools,  so I’ve been watching KSL for a deal.  I have called on a few sets before and even made Brian go get some, to find that he had sold them to someone else.  So, we have put in some time, but yesterday it paid off!  I found these barstools listed for $20!!  That’s $5 each.  A steal, for sure!  Luckily, I acted quick and they became mine.  I was so surprised how good of condition they are in.  They are barely used!  Now, these don’t look so great in my kitchen right now, but they will look fabulously in the new kitchen!  Now if only I can get my table and chairs to match these, I’ll be doing good.

House Update

It’s going so fast!  This picture was actually taken on the 22nd, so it’s changed even more since then!  Here are a few details.

Yesterday (the 25th):

Plumbing and wiring were done

Door and windows were installed

Today (the 26th):


We are on schedule to have sheetrock delivered on Monday.  Crazy, but so fun and exciting.